Challenge yourself to ‘Be More…’ in lockdown!

As we all continue to follow social distancing guidelines and #StayAtHome to protect the NHS and save lives, we are still permitted, and indeed encouraged, to get outdoors and take some exercise.

With sports clubs and leisure facilities closed due to the Covid-19 restrictions it can be difficult to get active and stay active. Here, at the Be More Tri club, we have been looking at how we can encourage and support children and families during these difficult times and one way is through virtual challenges and training events.

These are open not only the children and young people who normally attend our physical training sessions, but to families far and wide who have children that may like to get involved with the virtual challenge and training events.

We are welcoming and encouraging children and young people of all ages and abilities to get involved.

We recognise that access to equipment and indoor or outdoor space is different so we are inviting children through their parents or guardians to register their own fitness challenge with us.

That challenge should be appropriate to personal abilities, facilities and available equipment.

We would recommend that the activity undertaken is challenging, but not so difficult that they are unable to achieve their goal.

Our aim is to keep children and young people active and to motivate them to continue to set new goals and to achieve and even exceed them.

Some may wish to set goals based on distance, e.g run 1k every day for a week.

Some may choose to set their goal based on activity time, e.g walk for 30 minutes every day.

Some may choose to set a goal based on both time and distance, e.g cycle 5k in 15 minutes.

Some may even choose a challenge totally unrelated to any of the triathlon disciplines and may choose a fitness challenge such as a circuit of press ups, step ups, burpees, squats etc.

As always, we are encouraging children and young people with disabilities to get involved with Be More Tri.

We hope to see lots of children with their trikes, racerunners, kaye walkers involved in our virtual challenges too! There are no excuses! Whatever equipment you need to help you get active, you can use it. The only requirement is that you challenge yourself!


We are asking children to set themselves weekly challenges.

We require parents or guardians to register the challenge with us each week.

Week 1: Complete the registration form below, where each participant will create a login which will enable the upload of evidence of completion. The evidence may take the form of screenshots from fitness tracking software or photos of fitness tracker screen. It could even be a photo of handwritten records.

We would like to share you photos on our website and social media accounts.

Week 2 onwards: At the end of week 1 you can register your next challenge for the following week.
Please note, all challenges must be safe and appropriate. You are ultimately responsible for assessing safety and capability but there may be some challenges that we deem so obviously unsuitable that we cannot recognise.At our absolute discretion we may, upon reviewing the information submitted, decline to approve any challenges that we deem unsafe or inappropriate for age, ability or current national guidelines.


We will issue digital certificates to all children who complete their chosen challenge each week.

Children who successfully complete the full 4-week series of challenges will receive a T-Shirt.

The start of your 4 week training challenge will commence when your account/challenge has been set up and all challenges must be completed by 31st May 2020.

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